Easy, user-friendly and safe

Easily manage all traceability information, from raw material entry to outgoing products.
Take advantage of traceability features for security and real-time monitoring.

Supply chain

Track all the information on the origin of raw materials and on the processing phases of a product.

and security

Track each batch in and out with a few clicks and in real time. All data remains safe and always available for your reporting.

Easy and always
ready to use

Easy-to-use functions
and accessible at any time, even from your smartphone. No installation required.

and certified

If you already have a management system, our developers can integrate the data and guarantee blockchain notarization, eliminating manual operations.

The added value
of the blockchain

Trackyfood solutions are also available integrated with Blockchain technology, to ensure truthfulness and authenticity of information.


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solution for you

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the best Trackyfood solution for your company?
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