A bottle of Italian wine, a full glass, the 2021 harvest. A story to tell

For Italian wine, an excellent vintage is expected. This year’s production kept us in suspense until the last due to not very favorable weather conditions. We went from spring frosts to the drought of the summer months, if it were not for the rains of September, not only production, but also the quality of the 2021 harvest would have been seriously compromised. Instead, this year there is a surprising harvest, against all expectations. The quantity is very poor, some productions record a drop of about 25% compared to the previous year, but there is no doubt about the quality.

The grapes harvested in 2021 are everywhere beautiful, healthy and balanced. An unexpected harvest considering the initial conditions, a harvest to remember and to tell.

In a bottle of wine, a story where you are the protagonist

What secrets is hiding that glass of Italian wine you’re sipping right now? Have you ever wondered how much there is to tell in what you are unknowingly drinking?

Perhaps you are a lover of healthy and balanced nutrition. Then on the label of that bottle you would like to be able to find a nutritional table, the list of ingredients, the caloric indications.

Or you are an addicted to sustainability so you will search for information regarding the ecological footprint that bottle of wine has left on the environment. You want to know how much CO2 was produced in the cultivation phase, during processing and for transport to the final point of sale. Maybe you also care that the hands that cultivated, harvested, processed those bunches were treated fairly and ethically.

If you are a supporter of Made in Italy and Italian wine is one of those products so loved abroad that makes you proud. You will be inclined to read the origin of the lots, the geographical indications of origin of the grapes, the certifications and where the production cellar is located.

You are interested in knowing the history and emotions of the surprising harvest of 2021. I see your intent on imagining the colors of the seasons that change while nature takes its course, you are feeling the sudden cold in spring when you were waiting for the first warmth, the scorching heat of August. You see the earth cracked by the heat as a blinding light forces you to squint. You are anxiously waiting that the bunches have reached the right degree of ripeness and breathe the scents of the harvest.

Who tells this story?

Now you may be wondering how it can be possible to find the right story for you in the few square centimeters of the label of that beloved bottle you have in your hand.

Actually, I know one way to please everyone: it’s called interactive label.

The interactive label is nothing more than a QR code. Scan it with your smartphone’s camera and you’ll see what you’ve been looking for appear in front of you.

Now all you need to do is to know where to find the interactive label.