Technological innovation as a growth opportunity for companies, Trackyfood explains how!

We back on track after the pandemic crisis, but what does it mean for companies to restart? For a country like Italy it is necessary first of all to implement a program of reforms that contribute to innovation and that make the economic environment favorable to the development of business activities.

PNRR and other measures made available to companies

This is where the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) fits in, which provides, in addition to a coherent package of reforms, also substantial investments aimed at companies.

The Plan is developed around three strategic axes shared at the European level:

  • digitalisation and innovation,
  • ecological transition,
  • social inclusion.

What it basically intends to do is repair the economic and social damage of the pandemic crisis, help solve the structural technological weaknesses of the Italian economy and accompany the country on a path of ecological and environmental transition.

The economic resources made available by the PNRR will be a great opportunity for Italian food companies to increase competitiveness, innovation and, above all, to enhance even more, even abroad, the Made in Italy.

The support and financial facilitation instruments currently reserved for companies are not limited exclusively to PNRR. National measures, calls and regional projects, initiatives supported by the Chambers of Commerce and associations in the area, are today all opportunities to be exploited not only in view of the restart but, mainly, with a view to future growth.

Innovation and financial advice: with Trackyfood everything in one solution

It may not be easy for companies to navigate this complex maze. Intercepting, understanding and taking advantage of these facilities could be very difficult and often the skills required may not be included among the people present in the company.

This is where Trackyfood can help.

Trackyfood's technology for companies in the food sector

Trackyfood is a digital and innovative solution that improves and evolves the processes, not only at the management level, of the entire food chain. The use of blockchain makes digitized data secure and certified. Trackyfood can be integrated with the management systems already present in companies and allows you to open innovative communication channels with customers and suppliers.

Trackyfood goes beyond that.

With Trackyfood, in addition to technology, you will find dedicated financial advice

Through partnerships and collaborations with professionals and companies specialized in consulting in the field of soft loans, it can meet the needs of those SMEs that want to innovate by taking advantage of the opportunities currently offered.

Each different company is approached by Trackyfood and supported by professionals in order to indicate the best technological solution for a given reality and every opportunity, economic and tax advantage that is best suited to achieve it.

Trackyfood is not only a supplier of advanced technology for companies, but a dedicated support and advisor, able to accompany them in a process of digitization and innovation without losing the opportunity to take advantage of the economic opportunities available today.