Blockchain certified food chain: how it will revolutionize the food sector

In recent years, we are witnessing an increasing interest in the attention paid by citizens to what they buy and, above all, put on their table. Concepts such as product traceability, the blockchain-certified food chain and the transparency of cultivation and breeding methods, as well as production methods, are becoming increasingly frequent in the food sector. There is no doubt that this is a radical change that seems to have deep roots, on the one hand it concerns ethics, with increasing attention to certain methods used in crops and breeding, on the other hand it concerns health, with an increasingly frequent search for quality and food safety.

Also due to the increase in food allergies and intolerances, today what ends up on our tables must be more than ever carefully selected and guaranteed, both in the manufacturing processes and in the use of certain ingredients.

This means that consumers today know well what they want and what they do not want, and they know they must give priority to quality: for this reason, tools such as the food chain certified with blockchain are becoming increasingly popular, to guarantee the originality and genuineness of products, transparency regarding their origin and the safety with which they are treated before arriving on the supermarket counters, in the kitchens of restaurants or on our tables.

But how can the blockchain-certified food chain revolutionize the sector by giving consumers the security they seek? And what advantage does it represent for entrepreneurs in the sector who want to focus on this very important tool? Let’s find out in the next paragraphs.

Food chain: traceability and possible criticalities

When we talk about a certified food chain with blockchain, we also often talk about food traceability because the two concepts are linked together by an invisible but solid thread.

Food traceability means the production process that a food follows starting from the raw materials with which it is made up to the final result to be placed on the market for sale.

Therefore, food traceability is useful, both to the entrepreneur and to the customer, to know the origin of the products, the ingredients of which they are composed, the process through which they were processed and / or transformed, the way in which they were packaged and, finally, the method with which they were put on the reference market.

What does the blockchain-certified food chain have to do with all this? The blockchain is only the missing piece, that key element that allows to make all the information related to the traceability of a food product safe, transparent, unique and non-tamperable.

Knowing the origin of an ingredient or a food product is essential to be sure of buying a safe product, which respects all the rules relating to its production and processing, thus guaranteeing its healthiness and genuineness. And this applies both to the final consumer and to the entrepreneur who takes responsibility for what he sells: for him, in particular, the traceability of a product and above all the food chain certified with blockchain represent an additional tool to guarantee the customer maximum transparency and reliability of a product, thus gaining a considerable competitive advantage.

But what are the possible current criticalities in the sector in which the blockchain-certified food chain can make a difference?

First of all if we talk about Made in Italy products, which have suffered ruthless and unfair competition from many countries, traceability and blockchain-certified food chain represent an excellent anti-counterfeiting tools. Once certified and with data stored through the mechanism that regulates the functioning of the blockchain-certified food chain, Italian products are safe from possible fraud because they are always distinguishable in a safe and transparent way with respect to possible imitations.

What is the blockchain-certified food chain?

So what exactly is the food chain certified with blockchain and how can this tool make a difference within the controlled supply chain? In reality, the concept of blockchain is borrowed from the financial and economic world because it was originally used in relation to bitcoins. However, being a rather complex and versatile computer technology, blockchain has proved to be particularly strategic in the food sector. But how do you create a blockchain-certified food chain that guarantees the truthfulness and transparency of every single certified step of the product within the supply chain itself?

The blockchain-certified food chain is a revolutionary tool because it changes the way we collect and store information about the product, from its source to its arrival on the table. The extraordinary thing is that this data is collected and stored in a safe and tamper-free way, which makes it not only 100% truthful but also safe and not attacked by possible fraudulent operations. In fact, the data of the blockchain-certified food chain can no longer be overwritten as happened with other information collected in the past through databases.

In the blockchain-certified food chain, in fact, the information is written on closed blocks and protected by a cryptographic key so that they are no longer overwritten and it is necessary to create a new block to update them, and then shared with many other computers that act as independent validators, thus fulfilling the function of “controllers” super partes.

Therefore, the food chain certified with blockchain is a winning tool for all those entrepreneurs who want to offer their customers maximum transparency and, at the same time, want to protect themselves from possible fraud in the food sector, thus buying only safe, certified and regularly controlled products within their reference chain.

How to obtain a controlled supply chain guaranteed by the blockchain?

The food chain certified with blockchain therefore represents an important competitive advantage for the entrepreneur, as well as representing for the customer a guarantee of quality and transparency, as well as the veracity of a product. But how do you use a blockchain-certified food chain?

For all those who want to use it, Trackyfood has developed an integrated service that allows you to use the tool of the blockchain-certified food chain to apply it to your chain of interest, at any time, and obtain guarantees regarding the path taken by the product and its characteristics.

Trackyfood allows you to create an interactive label, protected by a key that makes it recognizable and unique, containing all the information related to the product and making it part of a controlled supply chain traced in all its parts. A product traceability key and a serialization of the tags is then generated by creating the QR Code.

Finally, the blockchain-certified food supply chain system ensures that all data is stored and kept safe thanks to the block system. A safe and easy system to put in place thanks to Trackyfood, which guarantees considerable advantages for the entrepreneur and undoubtedly makes the food sector safer and more transparent.