Selling Italian wine in China, Trackyfood and Itwill give you a hand

The whole world likes Italian wine. This is demonstrated by ISTAT export data: in the first 9 months of 2021 turnover marks a + 15% compared to the same period of the previous year, going from 4.45 to 5.13 billion euros.

The United States is confirmed as the first destination for Italian wine, which in just 9 months has imported bottles worth 1.31 billion euros. Following the Americans, the markets with the most important volumes are Germany and Great Britain.

In any case, the export of Made in Italy wine is growing in all European and non-European countries. The growth of imports from China is surprising, marking a + 53.1% compared to 2020.

The Chinese foreign wine market

It is interesting to analyze the foreign wine market in China in 2021.

Globally, China marks a reduction in imports (-13.3% on 2020), the average selling price per liter also drops by 12% (€ 3.54). China’s main trading partner remains France, which alone accounts for almost half of total exports. Chile and Italy follow, while imports of Australian wines fell dramatically (-91%).

Who will gain Australia's lost market share?

The cause of this collapse in Australian wine imports is due to a significant increase in Chinese tariffs. The market shares lost by Australia become a great opportunity for China’s other trading partners, including Italy, which has a great opportunity to see foreign wine trade grow, even significantly.

Obviously, Italian wine producers must ask themselves how it is appropriate to attack this market and seize this great opportunity.

Whether it is a producer who wants to enter the Chinese market, a producer already presents in China but who wants to improve its sales performance or who wants to intercept Chinese wine lovers with high purchasing power through digital channels, we can give you a hand.

Trackyfood and Itwill, a partnership to bring Italian producers in China

Trackyfood, together with Itwill, a company specialized in internationalization in foreign markets, especially in the Chinese market, have entered into a partnership to bring Made in Italy wine producers in their development path to the Chinese market.

The combination of Trackyfood, which has made digitization and innovation its mantra, and Itwill, a company with an in-depth knowledge of Italian and Chinese business dynamics that manages to create communication bridges between these two distant cultures, can only offer everything you need to bring Italian excellence in China through a differentiating positioning and taking full advantage of the opportunities of digital transformation.

What Trackyfood and Itwill can do for you

To tackle a market like the Chinese one, so competitive but at the same time offering excellent business opportunities, it is necessary to differentiate and implement all possible strategies to obtain a successful and long-term positioning.

We can help producers, through growth steps, to enter the market by providing them with all the tools to start selling and develop the skills necessary to internationalize their company. We can certify and communicate the authenticity of the products offered to the market through the blockchain to protect both producers and consumers. We can help make the winery a place of interest for Chinese tourists.

If you are a wine producer now you know that there is someone to rely on to take advantage of the great opportunity that China is offering you!