Costa d'Oro chooses Trackyfood for the traceability of its oil.

Costa d’Oro, a major olive oil company from Umbria, launched “ZERO” last May, the first Italian oil on the market certified with Zero Pesticide Residues. As part of an extensive project called Planet O-live, which aims to implement sustainable agricultural practices and circularity in the production cycle, Costa d’Oro chooses Trackyfood to certify the traceability of its oil.

Every stage of the production process at Costa d’Oro follows an ethical code that imposes the highest quality standards. Costa d’Oro “ZERO” bottles are traceable on the blockchain through the QR code on the label, aiming for complete transparency towards the end consumer.

All traceability data related to production and pesticide analysis for each batch of the “ZERO” product are sent to the Trackyfood platform through dedicated data communication interfaces.

As soon as the data is received, it is notarized on the blockchain, certifying the moment of registration and ensuring that the data cannot be modified in subsequent periods.

With a custom web interface that reflects Costa d’Oro’s brand identity, the end consumer can access all traceability and analysis information by scanning the QR code on the label, thereby verifying the transparency of the information.

Trackyfood and Costa d'Oro

The benefits of the Trackyfood solution for Costa d’Oro are evident, and Alessandra Filippi, Marketing Manager of Costa d’Oro, states: “With Trackyfood, we have found a partner capable of meeting our needs. Our traceability and analysis data are made even more secure and transparent thanks to the blockchain. Moreover, the system allows us to provide an intuitive and effective consumption of this data to the end consumer through the QR code.

In our sustainability journey, Trackyfood not only offers us the technology to manage the traceability process effectively but also enables us to communicate our philosophy more effectively to the end consumer.

The goal is to extend this process to all Costa d’Oro references.”

Trackyfood is an innovative food traceability platform that allows for the management of all supply chain information. It is integrated with blockchain technology to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information.